Curvy Girl Ride or Dies:

Curvy Girl Ride or Dies:

Every day I get wonderful questions from you guys about where I buy my essentials. From swimwear to sports bras and even basics for the curvy body! I know it can be an absolute nightmare to find pieces that not only look good and fit all your curves. That’s why I’ve decided to do a series on here detailing the BEST of the best for you gals! These are the pieces I can’t live without! Many of these pieces are a higher price range, let me know if you’d like an affordable edition too. Today I’m starting with athleisure, loungewear and shapewear! Coming soon is swimwear, lingerie and basics!

For Workouts:

Dear Kate’s Period Proof workout leggings & Silent Arrow Loyal Bra

Dear Kate’s Period Proof workout leggings: I was sent these about a year ago and I cannot recommend them enough. When I received them I had just started going to the gym regularly and was wearing cheaper leggings (I didn’t want to invest in workout clothes – boy was I wrong!). I was super self-conscious because no matter how many times I sized up, I felt like they were always translucent around my thighs/bum – especially when I squatted/exercised/sweat!). It was a freaking nightmare. After switching to my Dear Kate’s all that was gone! They are a really thick but stretchy material which NEVER goes translucent. They’re built to cater to women’s periods so they soak up sweat incredibly well and they don’t feel gross. Plus they are very high waisted and ultra flattering around my stomach. I haven’t worn another pair of leggings to the gym since I got these. Freakin phenomenal. I wear a size L.

Dear Kate’s Period Proof workout leggings & Silent Arrow Loyal Bra

Silent Arrow Loyal Sportsbra: When I saw this sports bra I was dubious too. Will this be supportive for my G cups? Will, it actually hold me in? Or is it more decorative than practical? This is a game changer because it’s very tight (but not constricting), it actually kind of flattens your boobs (not in an unattractive way though!) which allows SO much movement. I am picky about sports bra’s, for a long time I just didn’t wear them. All the sports bras I had ever tried were big, bulky, and they didn’t sit properly underclothing, often they just get in the way more than help! I really like ‘Loyal’ from Silent Arrow because it is so lightweight whilst it still holds you in! Personally, I don’t do a lot of heavy cardio/running but I like to do incline walking, stretching, pilates, weights. It is especially good for floor/ab work because the high neckline stops you from hitting yourself in the face! I wear a size XL.

Panache Sports Bra & Dear Kate’s workout Leggings

Panache Sports Wired Bra: I just recently tried this sports bra and I’ve fallen in love. It’s unlike anything similar I’ve tried before. It’s extremely supportive without being suffocating – in fact, it feels almost ribbed, like its such a strong material it doesn’t move or even jiggle. I don’t usually run when I am exercising but this is the best for extreme movement/jumping etc. I can’t find the Cosmic pattern I am wearing online, however, they have many other colours and patterns, I got mine instore at Storm in a D Cup. I am wearing size 34J.

Tops: I don’t really have a ‘ride or die’ top for the gym, I usually just wear little loose cropped t-shirts, which work fine for me! Stores like Supre, Cotton on Body, Asos and Pretty Little Thing have great affordable workout tops and singlets – however, I don’t have a favourite!

For Loungewear:

Full Bloom Bralette & Dear Kate’s Leggings

Full Bloom Bralette: I have only recently been introduced to the Full Bloom Lingerie bralette but it really has changed my life. It’s a very supportive bralette that supports my girls like magic! As soon as I get home it’s bra off, bralette on. My only complaint is that I need to tie the straps a little because I need quite a lot of support, I wish they went a little higher – but it could also be because I am short. If your bust sits lower than mine or you just have a longer torso – I imagine this would work perfectly for you.

Shelf Top: If you can’t walk around at home without wearing something to support your chest (like me!). I really recommend purchasing a shelf top. It’s comfortable and supportive whilst still being looser. Currently, I’m using one from Kmart, which isn’t my favourite. Peter Alexander has excellent ones – they’re just a little out of my price range right now! You can purchase shelf-bra tops from most places that sell PJs!

Peter Alexander Pyjamas:

For Shapewear:

I love shapewear. I know that sounds a little regressive and opposing my body positive stance, but as much as I love and cherish my body without being shaped in any way, I cannot deny that shapewear does make me feel more confident sometimes. When I do purchase it I like to work with brands that have a commitment to body positivity and size inclusion.

Sonsee Anti Chafing Shorts: These are my life-savers on sunny days! I love wearing them under sun-dresses as they really stop my skin from rubbing and they feel smooth and good quality. I love the brand’s ethos about supporting curvy ladies!

Sonsee Shapewear Shorts: These are pretty similar to the chub rub shorts except they’re more smoothing and they do provide a minimal flatter stomach effect. Super comfortable, doesn’t feel like Spanx at all. Its very light pressure on your thighs and stomach, but no big deal.

Hopefully, this helps you guys when you’re shopping for brand new athleisure, loungewear and shapewear! What do you want to see next, my Ride or Die swimwear & lingerie or essential basics?!

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